Holyrood Magazine issue 377 / 27 February 2017

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Spring party conference issue for the Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Labour Party. Interviews and exclusive comment from Ruth Davidson, Theresa May, Kezia Dugdale, John McTernan and Henry McLeish. Spotlight on the revaluation of business rates. 


3 Editor’s note

A young person who has been in care is 20 times more likely to be dead by the age of 25 than their peers and that should be remembered


6  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks


7 Talking Point

More needs to be done to promote Scots as a national language


9 Digital Highlights

The best of Twitter and Holyrood’s online content


10 Political Spotlight

Businesses north and south of the border are exercised over non-domestic rates


15  Overview:  Trading Places

Labour and the Tories swapped places in Holyrood, but what does that mean for the local elections?


21  Comment: Theresa May

The United Kingdom is a partnership of equals, writes the Prime Minister in an exclusive article for Holyrood


24  Interview: Ruth Davidson

The Scottish Conservative leader talks bulldogs and her battle for Bute House


30  Interview: Kezia Dugdale

The Scottish Labour leader on federalism and losing a friend


34  Spadversaries: McTernan & McLeish

John McTernan and Henry McLeish on the future of Labour and the union


36 Event Report

Safety risks as well as data security were highlighted at Cyber Security 2017


38 Comment

Laura Beveridge: Children hold the answers to some of society’s biggest issues


39 Inbox

Salmon ranching, police VAT and animal snares


40 Diary

Working with children, confusing Brussels for Belfast and Siri intervenes


41 On the Desk

Libraries and copyright are important to Labour MEP Catherine Stihler


42 Last Word

Sketch: The strange case of Tony Blair - Liam Kirkaldy on the former PM’s latest intervention in UK politics

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