Holyrood Magazine issue 359 / 11 April 2016

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Scottish parliament election 2016 special focus on education and tackling the attainment gap. Also includes coverage of the named person row and analysis from Professor Lindsay Paterson, Dr Jonathan Sher, Professor Petra Wend, Professor Mark Priestly and education author Sue Palmer. Comment from James Mitchell, Paul Sinclair and Geoff Aberdein


3 Editor’s note

The Panama scandal may feel, literally, far removed from our own shores but the exposure of such unfettered greed opens up the opportunity for that wider philosophical argument


6  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from the past week


8 Talking Point

We need to make some tough choices now about dealing with poverty in this country


10  Political spotlight: Named Person

As the clock ticks down to implementation, discussion over named person needs to focus on practice rather than principle


14  Election overview:  Education

Every party wants to tackle the attainment gap, but have they committed enough?


20  Focus: Curriculum

Professor Lindsay Paterson on defining the attainment gap


22  Focus: Prevention

Dr Jonathan Sher: the priority needs to be primary prevention


24  Q&A: Prominent Voices

Expert takes on the education debate


28 Comment

Designing sustainable public policy got lost in the first years of devolution


30 SpAdversaries

Paul Sinclair and Geoff Aberdein on small ‘c’ conservatism and SNP’s need to refresh its vision


32 Diary

More Lib Dem dogs, scooping a consensus and Ruth Davidson gets photobombed 


33 On the campaign trail

A look at Labour’s Edinburgh Southern campaign office


34 Last Word

Sketch: Liam Kirkaldy’s trip to the launch of the Vote Leave campaign

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