Politicians and their plates: Brian Whittle's Thai soup

Written by Staff Reporter on 14 May 2019 in Inside Politics

South of Scotland Conservative MSP enjoys healthy eating 

Image credit: Holyrood

Describe your favourite plate of food

My homemade Thai chicken and mushroom curry soup with lemongrass.

Why is it so special?

Three reasons: Because I can make it! It sounds very exotic and it’s incredibly healthy.

Who have you shared this plate of food with and what was the occasion?

All my old neighbours and I get together every Hogmanay and we all bring a plate of food with us. I get so many requests for this that I’ve stopped asking if I should bring anything else!

More generally, what’s your most memorable meal and why?

The meals I remember tend to be because of the company I was keeping at the time. Some of my best meals have definitely been with my old pals from the world of athletics, where raucous laughter is a matter of course.

The one that springs to mind was in Val de Lago in Portugal, where we had all gathered for a game of golf. The meal lasted several hours in the sunshine. I’ve no idea what we ate, but I was laughing my head off the entire time.

Have you had any culinary disasters?

Too many to mention! I’m not known for my culinary skills. I’m more of a stir fry and pasta cook than a flamboyant or talented one!

Would be your last meal of choice?

Well, I’d probably want to savour it so maybe some kind of soup….eaten with a fork! Failing that, I’d probably go for some kind of Thai curry.

What’s your comfort food?

I have been known on a very rare occasion to eat the odd bit of chocolate. I also a find it hard to say no to a pizza.

Anything you’d never eat?

There’s a Japanese delicacy called fugu, which is blowfish that has to be expertly prepared because if it’s not it will kill you; that feels a bit too risky for me.

In my travels I’m sure I’ll have eaten a few things that I wouldn’t have if I’d been able to translate the menu. I tried octopus once, but it was definitely a one-off.

What’s your favourite thing on the Scottish Parliament menu?

Most of the time I go for soup and a salad, but from time to time I do enjoy their curry.



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