Politicians and their pets: Ged Killen and Molly

Written by Staff reporter on 17 April 2019 in Inside Politics

The Labour MP for Rutherglen and Hamllton West introduces his dog, Molly

Molly on a wedding cake - Image credit: Ged Killen

Name: Mollie


Breed:  Westie (West Highland White Terrier)


Age:  9


How long have you had her?

Since she was a pup

Where did you get her?

We got her from a family in Renfrewshire


Any special talents?

She can jump exceptionally high for a wee dog. She also likes to roll over from a standing start and finishes back in the standing position. It usually means she wants you to play with her and we’ve never trained her to do it!


What’s the worst thing she’s done?

One year I decided to make Christmas cake to bring to my mum and dad’s house on Christmas Day. I unpacked everything on the kitchen table then realised I was missing an ingredient, so I had to run out to the shop. When I came back it looked like it had been snowing in the kitchen. Molly had snatched the flour and marzipan off the kitchen table, she ate half of the marzipan and redecorated with the flour! I had to phone the emergency vet to make sure marzipan wasn’t poisonous to dogs.


Can you remember the first pet you had?

We had a Jack Russell called Patch when I was young but my only memory of him is that he once got stuck down a rabbit burrow in a cemetery and had to be rescued by a digger.


Are you a pet owner or a pet parent?

Pet parent, even though sometimes it feels like Molly owns us!


What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done for a pet?

We regularly plan holidays so that we can bring Molly along. We try to go to places we can drive to and book dog-friendly accommodation. I’ve also definitely cancelled plans with pals so I can spend the night relaxing on the sofa with Molly.


If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be?

I dream of living on a farm one day surrounded by animals. My sister-in-law in Ireland has two goats and they’re really cute, so if I had to choose, I’d say a goat.


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