First among unequals

7 July 2014

With just short of a week to go before the official independence referendum campaign begins, there is much talk about what happens at this journey’s end.

The big beasts

23 June 2014

Is the contribution of world leaders and figures relevant in the constitutional debate, and will it influence the people of Scotland, for whom it concerns?

Building blocks for change

9 June 2014

We are involved in an unseemly scrap of claims, counter claims, rancour, insults and barbs; but Scotland has changed and will continue to.

Women of the world

15 May 2014

Jenny Marra MSP told Holyrood that she is currently representing women who have been accused of being “greedy” for exerting their right to equal pay and have had words like “avarice” thrown at them.

Poverty of thought

28 April 2014

Our welfare bill starkly illustrates an economic strategy that has gone wrong, and the way to fix it is to think radically about the economy in which we operate. 

The people’s politician

11 April 2014

Margo spoke with such intellect, gusto and passion that she demanded to be heard; it was seductive, intoxicating and it will be missed.

Labour's Pains

31 March 2014

~People are desperate for Labour to engage, reconnect and recapture the heart and soul of Scottish politics but they are left wanting.

Going to the highest bidder

17 March 2014

Scots had a choice in what they considered the left, but you couldn’t put a fag paper between the policies of Labour and the SNP at the last Scottish elections. 

Need for more light than heat in debate

3 March 2014

Always wanting to trump your opponent by being louder, bigger or ruder is a man’s game and one we should neither tolerate nor indulge in.

Labour’s pains

3 March 2014

Once a party of inclusivity, Labour now condemns its critics and isolates dissenters who question whether it is right to simply oppose independence without offering a solution to Scotland’s ills.