Playing fair

16 February 2015

When George Osborne is your benchmark, even a timid call to economic arms can become a totem to the left

Hanging in the balance

2 February 2015

While Jim Murphy may try to turn around Labour’s fortunes in Scotland in time for May perhaps he should chill and let events take their potential natural course

Identity crisis

19 January 2015

To paraphrase Eminem, would the real Jim Murphy please stand up, please stand up…

Christmas crackers

22 December 2014

Jim Murphy says he will transform the party with what he spells out as his ‘Clause Four’ moment but you can’t turn round years of decay by simply putting a kilt on it

The fire starter

8 December 2014

The four hapless arsonists were hardly guided by any higher ideology than just being a bit annoyed that the Smith Commission didn’t go far enough for them 

Deliver us from EVEL

27 October 2014

Scots have been desperate for Labour to reconnect – who can be happy with what feels like a one-party state – but they have been left wanting

Editor's note

13 October 2014

The Scottish question: Sturgeon knows a second referendum in the near term is untenable so is the party one of independence or devo max?