The Tories have been portrayed as ‘anti-Scottish’ since Thatcher, and one wonders what they have learned

6 July 2015

As EVEL gets pushed through Westminster, the anti-Scottish narrative will not be difficult to shape ahead of next year’s Scottish Parliament election

What can be done to fix Scottish education?

8 June 2015

Mandy Rhodes asks: What can be done about falling literacy and numeracy in Scottish education?


Deal or no deal

30 March 2015

Everyone appears to agree that the archaic two-party system of politics is over and yet Cameron and Miliband give us one choice – him or the other man

Giant strides

16 March 2015

If the election leaves the Tories with nothing to lose and Scottish Labour with depleted numbers, what place does Scotland have in Westminster?

Improper conduct

2 March 2015

Something is still rotten at Westminster. And the debate has now switched from the 2009 shock at profligate expenses claims to whether MPs are actually paid enough