The Irn Bru Chancellor's sugar levy is a small step in the right direction

20 March 2016

There is no single silver bullet to reducing our obesity problem but that shouldn’t be an excuse for doing nothing

Where's the cry freedom?

13 March 2016

If the SNP wants independence, it needs to start making a better economic case for it

EU in out, shake it all about

29 February 2016

The thing about this referendum is you just don’t know who's in or out, writes Mandy Rhodes


What's the deal with the Fiscal Framework?

12 February 2016

Taxation is something that Scottish politicians are going to have to start talking about

What does the fallout over council budgets mean for the future of local authorities?

1 February 2016

The clock is ticking for Scotland’s 32 councils: sign up to John Swinney’s all-or-nothing budget or face tens of millions of pounds in penalties

The SNP and Labour tinker round the edges on the housing crisis

18 January 2016

Poor housing now affects a broader spectrum of society than just the marginalised poor. That makes it a potent electoral issue


Let Scotland flourish

14 December 2015

Mandy Rhodes on the career of Sir Neil McIntosh, who was honoured for lifetime achievement at the Scottish Public Service Awards

Trouble ahead for Nicola Sturgeon

30 November 2015

Nicola Sturgeon's handling of party affairs sees the first rumblings of discontent in the SNP 

Tearing a community apart seems to fly in the face of what we call ‘Scottish values’

3 November 2015

On the face of it the residents of Lorne Street and the tenant farmers of East Lothian have little in common, but their predicament strikes right at the heart of the inequality of power

Despite mounting criticism, recent events have done little to throw the SNP off course

16 October 2015

With six months to go to the election, Nicola Sturgeon faces little political opposition. She doesn’t need to win an election – Labour has done that for her