PC Keith Palmer died a hero - a human shield protecting against an attack on democracy

24 March 2017

Something just doesn't sit right with the claims in the aftermath of the Westminster attack that terrorism doesn’t pay when political leaders were busy paying homage to McGuinness

Deaths of young people who have been in care should be a focus of our outrage

27 February 2017

It should be writ large that we care so little about children in our care that we don’t even know how many have died

Trump’s election is worrying, but we do democracy an injustice if we fail to address the discontent that placed him in the White House

16 January 2017

While we wring our hands over the tumultuous events of 2016, what should be writ large on our memory is the absolute certainty that large swathes of the electorate have felt unrepresented for some time

Living in a post-truth world: The last year shows ordinary people are fed up with politics as usual

19 December 2016

Brexit, Trump and the rise of the far-right did not happen overnight, they were pit-stops on a journey that began long ago

Football could be the conduit for breaking down barriers to tackling child abuse

4 December 2016

Could the swift sense of collective outrage about the latest revelations of institutional child abuse lead to action rather than more inquiries?

Is inertia creeping into the Scottish Government?

21 November 2016

A breakdown in communication has allowed accusations of hypocrisy, delay and obfuscation to emerge

The High Court Brexit ruling has provided the Scottish Government with an opportunity

7 November 2016

The High Court ruling underlines the chaos that has ensued since David Cameron called a referendum on the assumption that Remain would win

In announcing a review of the care system Nicola Sturgeon knows she has made a big commitment

22 October 2016

Looking close to tears, Nicola Sturgeon pledged a "root and branch" review of the care system for looked-after children in Scotland

Stamping on human rights and stirring up hatred - is this the UK political centre-ground?

10 October 2016

Labour has been accused of taking the party back to the 1970s but Theresa May seems to want to drag us back centuries