The Scottish Parliament's new MSPs on their first day

Written by Tom Freeman on 9 May 2016 in Comment

As the new MSPs settle in to their first day at Holyrood, we find out how they get on

The newly elected MSPs began their new life at the Scottish Parliament today, and for the new arrivals there was registration and induction into the important things - the structures of the parliament, how the committees work and where the loo is. 

Offices were allocated and security passes given out to the excited new arrivals.

Holyrood used the investigative power of twitter to find out how they were getting on.


Scottish Parliament election 2016 result

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon rules out coalition after falling short of a majority

Kezia Dugdale vows to remain Labour leader 'no matter what' after party slips behind Tories

First of all the Parliament itself tweeted each new MSP a personal welcome



Upon allocation of their new offices, they headed straight for their 'think pods'...



The new Conservatives seemed particularly excited.







But how will the more experienced MSPs treat the newbies?



Of course, some of the new arrivals have been here before:





And there were good wishes from those recently departed: 




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