Jason Leitch responds to Scottish Academy report

Written by Professor Jason Leitch on 10 July 2015 in Comment

NHS Scotland clinical director Professor Jason Leitch responds to a report on "systemic failings" in the NHS

The National Clinical Director of Healthcare Quality at the Scottish Government Professor Jason Leitch responds to today's report by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges & Faculties in Scotland, which says poor leadership and working culture, staff shortages, low morale and bullying are persisting in the NHS.

“We are committed to driving up standards in our NHS which is why we have led the way in responding to the reports detailed in the Scottish Academy’s report.

"This includes further expansion of our world leading Patient Safety programme, the implementation of the Scottish Health Council’s review of NHS health board’s annual complaints and feedback, Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s work around the reporting of adverse events and our plans to appoint an independent national whistle blowing officer and whistle blowing champions in all boards.


Dundee hospital safe but needs better communication, reports CMO

Centralised and integrated NHS in balance

“We are absolutely clear about the value we place on staff and the safe and effective service they deliver to patients. We currently have the highest staffing levels across our NHS than ever before, with increases under this Government of over 1,300 more consultants, and 2,300 more qualified nurses and midwives.

“NHS Scotland also led the UK in putting mandatory nursing workforce planning tools in place and these are working well in helping health boards to plan for the number of staff required to provide the best possible care for patients.

“We are constantly striving to further improve health care in Scotland and will review the recommendations within this report and take forward any learning that will benefit NHS Scotland, either as part of the follow up work to the Vale of Leven, Grampian and Lanarkshire reviews.”




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