Iain Green 362

Sketch: Parliament elects a new presiding officer

20 May 2016

Parliamentary sketch: The election of the new presiding officer turns hellish

Paul Sinclair

Scottish Labour is too dismissive of the independence referendum

13 May 2016

Labour needs to deal with the world as it is rather than the way it would like it to be, argues Paul Sinclair, former adviser to Gordon Brown, Johann Lamont and Alistair Darling

Geoff Aberdein by David Anderson

The SNP can succeed by being both humble and hungry

13 May 2016

Former chief of staff to Alex Salmond, Geoff Aberdein, on the new make up of the Scottish Parliament

John McTernan

Nicola Sturgeon has a huge stash of political capital - now is the time to spend it

12 May 2016

It is time for the First Minister to spend some of her banked political capital on radical reform in education, writes former Labour strategist John McTernan

Kevin Pringle

All parties will now have to cope with pressure that comes with governing

12 May 2016

All the parties will now need to think about participating constructively within a minority government, writes former SNP communications director Kevin Pringle


Sadiq Khan

Nicola Sturgeon holds talks with London mayor

23 May 2016

Nicola Sturgeon has said that the Scottish Government will be able to build a positive relationship with Labour's London mayor Sadiq Khan 

Scottish Government

New Scottish Government welfare, local government and housing ministers chosen

20 May 2016

Nicola Sturgeon’s new ministerial team for local government, housing and social security has been revealed

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon announces expert panel on education

24 May 2016

Panel of international experts to look at how to close attainment gap and widen access to higher and further education 


MSP in call for heart screening for young athletes

24 May 2016

MSP calls for launch of heart screening programme for young athletes in wake of tragic death of teenage footballer