Lord Jack McConnell in the Philippines

Jack McConnell: ‘disaster response, resilience and recovery' should be included in UN development goals

2 March 2015

Former First Minister of Scotland says Scottish Parliament can use its links with Malawi to push for the UN's SDGs to focus on inequality and disaster resilience

Scottish Parliament chamber

Professor Nicola McEwen examines the concepts of 'shared rule' and 'self rule'

27 February 2015

Evaluating claims that Scotland will have ‘one of the most powerful devolved parliaments in the world’ requires us to think carefully about what power means in this context

Glasgow police

Stop and search "prioritised disproportionately", warn officers

26 February 2015

First Minister says she has "full confidence" in Chief Constable Sir Stephen House


UK must 'assert interests in Arctic'

27 February 2015

House of Lords committee urges Government to avoid being "outmanoeuvred" as temperatures rise