Throughout 2012, Holyrood magazine publishes a programme of supplements offering readers in-depth, focused, forward looking analysis on specific topics and areas of interest.

Supplements are written by our in-house editorial team, supported by independently commissioned writers who are leading academics and professionals in their field. Together, they will create a sympathetic and high-profile environment for your advertisement.

Supplements increase circulation of the magazine, with readers taking an interest in special issues that include substantial content on topics of particular concern. Supplements can be published in up to a 32pp format and they are promoted on the front cover of the magazine in the contents page.

Holyrood supplements are published online, in newsletter format and mailed to relevant  recipients, electronically.

There are three ways in which your organisation can become involved. For more information, costs and availability, contact Chris Woodcock, Sales Director at or 0131 272 3112.

Sponsoring a Holyrood supplement allows you to demonstrate critical thinking, expertise and be recognised as a reliable and incisive informative source.

It is important to ensure that the content is of interest to our readership but also meets your communications objectives.

Sponsors receive an agreed number of copies for their own promotional purposes, and additional copies can be reprinted and personalised, if required.

Holyrood offers advertisers the opportunity to maximise impact by accessing a medium that is more likely to attract readers within their specific field of interest.

There are no additional or premium charges for advertisements in your Holyrood Supplement and are held at standard magazine rates.

Holyrood magazine’s production team can also advise and design your advertisement free of charge.

Custom Publishing
Clients can commission Holyrood to produce a customised supplement (from 16pp upwards) on a specific subject area, industry sector, manifesto framework or aspects of their own organisation’s activities.

A customised supplement conveys a strong and independent brand identity but still retains a close democratic relationship with Holyrood magazine and its readers.

Clients will receive an agreed number of supplements for their own promotional purposes and additional copies can be reprinted and personalised if required.

Target groups can be mailed with covering letters if appropriate.


Spark of Genius
“Spark of Genius has had a close working relationship with Holyrood magazine for over two and a half years and believe this sustained relationship is due to the excellent quality of service received from the team. Every member of the team we work with has a personable and approachable manner. They have continued to be flexible and understanding to our requests, needs and objectives. We have always found communication to be of a high calibre in everything from initial queries, giving guidelines to advertising and conferences, to any follow up requests we may have.” Katrina Broadhead, Information & Development Manager, Spark of Genius

Fostercare Associates
“Foster Care Associates Scotland value the work that Holyrood magazine has done with us over the past year, continuing to help us deliver our on-going strategies and engage with our target audiences. Their service has been consistent, attentive and proactive, ensuring we are well informed of relevant opportunities. This consideration of our needs and understanding of our business has led to an effective relationship that we look forward to continuing over the coming years.” Ewan McGill, Marketing Manager, Foster Care Associates

Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation
“Working with Holyrood magazine means intelligent discussion about the messages we want to get across and how best to achieve that. The team works closely with us to plan our strategic approach and we have been delighted with the results.” Julie Edgar, Communications Manager, Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation

Oil & Gas UK
“Working within the current economic restraints Oil & Gas UK has a very limited budget to spend on advertorial. To make up for this the Holyrood magazine team have given us great advice on where and when to place our copy to maximise our impact. With a friendly approach that really makes you feel you matter as a client, they are always available to help out and really understand their Scottish audience. I would recommend working with Holyrood magazine to any of my colleagues in Public Affairs.” Rona Macdonald, Government Relations Manager, Oil & Gas UK

The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland
“The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland values the work that Holyrood magazine and conferences has done with us over the past year, continuing to help us deliver our on-going strategies and engage with our target audiences. Their service has been consistent, attentive and proactive, ensuring we are well informed of relevant opportunities. This consideration of our needs and understanding of our business has led to an effective relationship that we look forward to continuing over the coming years.” Tom Bell, Chief Executive, The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland

“Working with Holyrood magazine has been very beneficial to Deloitte as the publication and supporting team have provided us with a professional platform in which to display our brand and our expertise within the Public Sector community. The team at Holyrood has always ensured that our participation in the conference and special report environment has been presented with the quality and precision we highly appreciate as a professional services provider. We also value the flexible approach of Holyrood when seeking to build activity that meets our business objectives as a client.” Jennifer Campbell, Marketing Executive (Clients & Industries), Deloitte

Holyrood magazine circulation

Distribution % of Total Circulation
Holyrood MSPs, researchers and senior parliamentary staff
Devolved Regions
Scottish MPs, MEPs and staff, UK MPs, Cabinet members, Scottish Select Commitee members, Scottish Peers, MLAs and MAs
Total Parliamentary 726 14%
Scottish Government Special Advisors, Permanent Secretary, Director Generals and key Directorate staff in Education and Lifelong Learning, Crown Office, Finance, Health and Wellbeing, Justice and Rural Affairs and Environment
SG agencies CEOs of SG agencies, public corporations, Executive and Advisory NDPBs, Children’s Panels, Tribunals, non-ministerial depts and other significant national bodies
Parliament officials Parliament management teams, key officials in Commitee offices, Chamber office, media relations and corporate teams, appointed Commisioners and Ombudsmen
UK Government
and agencies
Officials in Scotland Office, Advocate General for Scotland, MOD, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, DEFRA, Depts of Culture, Media and Sport, Energy and Home Office. Agencies with control over reserved issues. Local courts and prisons
Total UK and Scottish Government 1157 22%
Local goverment
Elected members Council Leader and Depute Leader, Commitee Convenors, Group Leaders, Lord Provost and Depute Provost and Councillors
Management teams Chief Executives, Directors and Heads of Service, Chief Officers, Tier 1,2, and 3 management teams, Local and National Public Bodies, Job Centre Plus, Housing Associations, regional transport bodies and European Partnerships
SOLACE SOLACE, COSLA, Improvement Service and local authority professional associations
Emergency services Police Forces, Fire and Rescue Services, Ambulance
Total local government 1802 34%
Health Chief Executives and Board Members of Health Boards and health bodies 432 8%
Education Principals and Vice Pricipals in further and higher education, schools and pre-school 251 4%
Third sector and civic society OSCR listed charities, members of SCVO, political parties, consulates, libraries, media and think tanks 471 9%
Private sector, representative
and prof orgs
Unions, pressure groups, professional bodies, FTSE 500 companies, lawyers, accountants, surveyors, architects, PR, media, govt and corporate professionals
Total circulation 5343
Paid for copies 1350
Controlled circulation 3993 75%


Elected members of the Scottish Parliament and Scotland’s local authorities, civil servants and officials don’t always agree – except when it comes to reading Holyrood magazine.

Holyrood magazine has a core readership of opinion formers and influential figures from the public, private, voluntary and academic sectors.

As high achievers, they are commercially astute, publicly minded and they represent some of Scotland’s most successful professionals.

Clients’ advertising benefits from the attributes of Holyrood as essential reading for this community and from the strong bond between the magazine and its readers.

Results from the Ipsos MORI Political Readership survey of December 2010 highlight the strength of Holyrood magazine:

Daily, Sunday, weekly and fortnightly publications
Ipsos MORI % of MSPs reading at least 3 out of 4 issues
The Herald 70
Scotland on Sunday 69
Holyrood magazine 64
Sunday Herald 64
The Scotsman 61
The Sunday Times 23
Daily Record 21
Sunday Mail 20
The Observer 18
The Guardian 16
The Economist 16
New Statesman 14
The Times 10
Daily Telegraph 10
Financial Times 8
Business Insider 6
The Independent 4
Newsweek 4
The Spectator 3
Sunday Telegraph 2


If you do not have an in-house design facility, sufficient resources or time available to develop your advertising copy, our production team can advise, design and layout copy for you. With fourteen days notice prior to publication, our editorial team can assist with sub-editing and proofing your copy. This service is free of charge.

To view or download advertising specifications click here or on the image below.