Alexander Burnett MSP avoids sanctions for failing to declare financial interests

Written by Tom Freeman on 15 September 2017 in News

Conservative MSP Alexander Burnett let off with a warning by standards committee after failing to declare his financial interests

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The Scottish Parliament's standards committee has issued a warning to Conservative MSP Alexander Burnett after he failed to declare business interests while lodging parliamentary questions.

In two written questions, Burnett raised the concerns of local businesses over the changes to business rates, but failed to declare that he personally owned firms in the area including an estate worth around £10m.

He said a "genuine staff error" had meant the proper procedures had not been followed when submitting the questions.

Standards committee convener Clare Adamson said the parliament would not impose sanctions but they would be considered for further breaches. The committee was "minded to be lenient on this occasion".

"The committee believes that the declaration of registered interests in any matter before taking part in proceedings of the parliament relating to that matter represents an important aspect of parliamentary transparency and accountability," she said.


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