Nicola Sturgeon blasts reports MEP Ian Duncan could be given seat in Lords, saying it “should not be allowed”

Written by Liam Kirkaldy on 19 June 2017 in News

Reports suggest the MEP, who narrowly lost out on a seat in the Commons after defeat by SNP MP Pete Wishart, will quit as an MEP and take the title Lord Duncan of Springbank in order to join the Scotland Office

Ian Duncan - credit: European Parliament

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has blasted claims that Tory MEP Ian Duncan, who unsuccessfully stood as an MP in the general election, could be given a seat in the Lords and made deputy to Scottish Secretary David Mundell, saying it “should not be allowed”.

Reports in The Courier suggest the MEP, who narrowly lost out on a seat in the Commons after defeat by SNP MP Pete Wishart, will quit as an MEP and take the title Lord Duncan of Springbank in order to join the Scotland Office.

But the First Minister questioned the move, which would see Duncan given a cabinet position, ahead of the 12 new MPs elected in the general election.

She said: “This should not be allowed. Rejected by the voters - but installed in government anyway, via the unelected House of Lords.”

A spokesperson from the Scottish Conservatives declined to comment on the reports.

Wishart, who defeated Duncan by 21 votes in Perth and North Perthshire, said: “This is simply extraordinary and undermines the ludicrous nature of the House of Lords.

“That anyone can be rejected by the electorate and then just days later find themselves in a powerful government role is fundamentally undemocratic and should not be allowed in a modern society.

"It also says something about the new group of 12 Scottish Tory MPs who have been passed over and apparently not up to the job.

“The House of Lords is a ridiculous, archaic institution which is accountable to no one and yet wields huge influence over how our laws are made.

“Politicians should not be rewarded for failure and should not end up governing the country when they lose democratic elections.

“The Tories should think long and hard – to proceed with the appointment of Ian Duncan would be a big mistake, an insult to the people of Perth and North Perthshire and an affront to democracy.”


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