Improve Your Communications: Creating Engaging Content

Creating engaging content is more important than ever. 

Websites, emails, reports, letters, and communications with the public need to be written to a high standard, easy to understand and have the right impact and message.    

People are consuming ever more content on a daily basis with the expansion of digital technology and the drive to push offline communications online so your copy needs to stand out to ensure that your message is being heard by those you want to hear it.

Engaging content is vital for boosting brand, campaign and organisation awareness and for helping to build stronger relationships with existing and potential audiences. Furthermore, it is crucial for driving traffic to your website, encouraging people to sign up for new services or learn more about your work and download or view your latest offering.  


The training

With an increasing amount of content to produce, edit and manage this training will give you the knowledge you need to ensure that your content cuts through the noise.

Join Holyrood and expert trainer Keith Tanner for this content writing workshop where you will find ways to improve your communications' purpose, content, impact and effect. 

Bring along samples of web pages, communications with clients and customers, internal documents, letters, e-mails, reports and more, as you’ll have invaluable time to evaluate your existing content and create a strategy for improvement. 

Key learning outcomes

  • Examine different types of content for different platforms including writing for different mediums like email, social media, pdf, websites and using video
  • Consider examples of yours and others copy for analysis of the written word, writing style, reading ages, plain English (and Scottish), grammar, spelling, sentence structure, paragraphs, flow, and overall communication quality and suitability for audiences
  • Develop comprehensive knowledge that can be used to continue to improve your communications through evaluation including environment scanning, audience profiling and planning strategic and operational approaches to ensure clear and purposeful writing 
  • Understand how to deliver content across channels including the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic components of communications as well as key images, messages, tone and feeling that will get better engagement

Workshop Outline

09:15    Registration and Refreshments 

09:30 Session 1: Purpose, Content, Impact and Effect 

09:30   Shared communications review

  • Using a range of resources and live links to the web we will research your communications, build a gallery, explore audience context and identify agreed good practice and a selection of quality criteria.
  • A range of criteria will be considered and using additional guidelines and suggestions we will devise a set of guidelines specific to your communications.

10:30   Understanding your audience and writing for purpose and effect

  • Environment scanning and audience profiling might sound like big business and space exploration; however, simple tools can be applied and used on a regular basis to better help us write and communicate more purposefully to your audience.
  • Considering your own and each other’s communications we will discuss the pros and cons and potential obstacles and barriers that might confuse the recipients of our communications. From this we will plan possible strategies to avoid misunderstanding and develop strategic and operational approaches to improve them.

11:30   See me, hear me, feel me

  • What effect do your communications have on what your audiences sees, hears and feels? Collectively we will consider the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic components of our communications and look to include key images, messages, and tone and feeling that will hope to get better engagement from your clients and customers with our more focused messages and encourage conversation.

12:30   Lunch 

13:30 Session 2: Channels, Engagement and Examples of Practice

13:30   Deus Ex Machina

  • There are now so many options these days for getting your messages across to people and engaging with your audience that confusion and overload can easily occur. What’s the best medium to use? We will consider various channels for distributing messages and engaging in communication and decide on a check list to help prioritise including; physical communications, e-mail, PDFs, web, social media, radio, video and TV. 

14:30   Content is King 

  • Working with your own communications and samples of others we’ll consider good and bad practice with; the written word, writing style, reading ages, plain English (and Scottish), grammar, spelling, sentence structure, paragraphs, flow, and overall communication quality and suitability for audiences including the use of graphics, key words and look, sound and feel. 

15:30     Close of Day 

*timings subject to changes

Meet your trainer

This bespoke and interactive training seminar will be led by Keith Tanner.

Keith is a training and development professional with considerable experience and a broad portfolio of skills,  achievements and qualifications. Beginning in London as a trainee teacher in 1979, he moved on to become an assistant manager in retail, a production manager in music industry print and then a senior manager in public sector education where he was responsible for commercial training, European and national education infrastructure and community projects.

Keith now works as a professional trainer, coach and business consultant specialising in management development, communications, business and performance improvement, coaching and communications training, and project and partnership management for public, private and third sector organisations.

Keith is qualified as a business coach and professional teacher, is a published training professional, is a Master Practitioner in NLP, and has recently completed an MBA specialising in business communications and performance improvement. 


This training event will be held in the Holyrood office: Panmure Court, 32 Calton Road, Edinburgh. EH8 8DP


Prices (ex VAT)

  • Discounted rate: £245 (Voluntary / charitable organisations with an annual income of less than £1m)
  • Reduced rate: £345 for 1 place | £295 per place if 2 or more are booked (Central government departments and agencies, local authorities, universities, colleges, NHS, police, professional associations and voluntary / charitable organisations with an annual income over £1m)
  • Full rate: £395 (Commercial organisations e.g. plc, Ltd, LLP)

A certificate of attendance will be given to all attendees, which may be able to contribute towards CPD hours. 

For more information please email or phone 0131 285 1635

17 April 2018
United Kingdom



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