Council elections 2017: The SNP

Written by Kate Shannon on 12 April 2017 in Inside Politics

The party said its candidates are dedicated local campaigners who believe passionately in protecting local services and empowering communities.

The SNP are fielding 627 candidates across Scotland and the party said they are all dedicated local campaigners who believe passionately in protecting local services and empowering communities.

Women make up 54 per cent of new candidates standing, with women making up 41 per cent of all SNP candidates.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “We have a record number of candidates, each ready to work to deliver key SNP priorities such as expanding childcare and closing the attainment gap.
“The SNP government is working harder than ever to protect the most vulnerable in our society and deliver the best public services anywhere in the UK.
“From our first day in office, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to supporting families and protecting the public services we all rely on.
“In these tough economic times, Scotland’s councils too have a key role in driving the economy, building and protecting communities, and providing services that put people first.
“Together, at the national and local level, we need to be working hard to create jobs, protect family budgets and to make Scotland fairer and our communities safer.
“A vote for the SNP on May 4 is a vote to protect the vital services we all depend on.”

Five key policies include:

  • A transformation in early learning and childcare.
  • Investing in schools to give every child in Scotland the best start in life.
  • An increase in affordable housing.
  • More money for local communities to deliver local priorities.
  • Support for small businesses.



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