Photos from the MPs Summer Drinks Reception

20 July 2017

An inside look at the Holyrood magazine and Coca-Cola Enterprises MPs Summer Drinks Reception, held in the House of Commons on Tuesday 18th July, 2017

Photos from 2017 Connect: Holyrood's flagship public sector ICT event

12 July 2017

An inside look at at Holyrood’s 6th Annual Connect Conference, our flagship public sector ICT event held at Dynamic Earth on Wednesday 21st June, 2017.

The thin blue line

7 July 2017

The police are referred to as the thin blue line’ but that’s normally understood to be the police holding back the chaos outside, not a line of disorder running within policing itself

EXCLUSIVE: Ian Duncan on taking a role in Brexit and a seat in the Lords

6 July 2017

Writing exclusively for Holyrood, the new Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Ian Duncan responds to allegations his appointment was undemocratic

Resilience can never be taken for granted

4 July 2017

Laura Beveridge on how too often care can feel like containment rather than building resilience

Scotland's universities embody internationalism

3 July 2017

ASSOCIATE FEATURE: Heriot Watt University principal Richard Williams hails the internationalism of Scotland's universities

Scottish and Welsh governments unite to express frustration at UK approach to child refugees

23 July 2017

In a joint letter the Scottish and Welsh Governments backed calls for more children to be included in the Dubs Scheme for resettling lone child refugees

Smoking to be banned in Scottish prisons by end of 2018

17 July 2017

The ban comes as a new report found Scottish prison officers are exposed to second hand smoke

North Sea cod recovers to sustainable levels, says Marine Stewardship Council

20 July 2017

Over a decade after North Sea stocks came close to collapse, the MSC has given consumers the go-ahead to buy cod with “a clear conscience”

Last month the third hottest June ever recorded

19 July 2017

Records suggest 2015, 2016 and 2017 will be the three hottest years since records began

UK Government migration target 'could cause considerable damage to economy'

21 July 2017

A House of Lords report finds that Theresa May’s aim of cutting net migration to less than 100,000 could harm the economy

Pension age to be raised seven years early, says UK Government

20 July 2017

State pension age a year further on for people currently in their late thirties and forties