Cabinet Brexit report warns UK will not be ready for customs changes by 2021

19 March 2018

The UK will not be ready for changes to the customs system in time for the end of the Brexit transition period, a report has warned

Rise in mortality rates needs investigation, say researchers

16 March 2018

Mystery spike in death rate prompts calls for investigation into health services across UK

The new post-#metoo puritanism must focus on justice and equality

12 March 2018

The very welcome women's revolt must not lead to a disregard of the mistakes and mess-ups inherent in human behaviour, writes Mandy Rhodes

Parliamentary sketch: Brexit under the microscope

9 March 2018

Sketch: A meeting of the Delegated Powers committee sees MSPs scrutinise the concept of scrutiny

Scottish Apprenticeship Week: Business must lead the change

7 March 2018

Skills Development Scotland chief Damien Yeates on how apprentices can build Scotland's resilience to change

Scottish Climate Challenge Fund distributes over £100m to more than 1,000 projects in ten years

16 March 2018

Climate Challenge Fund’s grants for 2018-20 are worth £15.3m, with £14.3m from the Scottish Government and £1m from the European Regional Development Fund

Disability adviser Kate Sang recruited to expert panel on single use plastics

15 March 2018

Expert panel on plastics was established following the Programme for Government to explore ways to reduce circulation of single-use plastics