Forthcoming Holyrood Events

Digital Health

Digital Health & Care Scotland

28 February 2017 to 1 March 2017
Building on the success of our annual eHealth events, in 2017 the event will evolve into Holyrood Connect’s largest ever Digital Health and Care event. Our two-day event will bring together 300...
warm home

Eradicating Fuel Poverty: Delivering Warm Homes

1 March 2017
Targets for eradicating fuel poverty in Scotland by November 2016 have been missed and the Scottish Working Group on Fuel Poverty have suggested re-defining the concept itself. The Scottish...
Renfrewshire Council

Tackling poverty locally: learning and building from existing practice

7 March 2017
At this event we will discuss the essential role of local government in tackling poverty and inequality. In doing so we will share how the Renfrewshire Council Tackling Poverty Programme has made a...
disability symbols

Supporting Disabled People in the Workplace

9 March 2017
The Equality Act forms the cornerstone of UK law that protects disabled people from discrimination in the workplace. While employers will wish to avoid the problems and costs caused by tribunals,...

Connect and OpenText Data Seminar: Harnessing Your Data to Enable Change

9 March 2017
The challenges facing leaders charged with delivering the information and data management strategies for public bodies are myriad. From effective data sharing, improving access to information in a...
Community-led Regeneration

Community-led Regeneration: Empowering Communities to Lead Sustainable Development

9 March 2017
This briefing will update delegates on the latest policy and good practice in helping people build sustainable communities. Context The Scottish Government’s Regeneration strategy, published in...
A picture of the Microsoft logo

Security threats facing Healthcare—and how to respond

9 March 2017
The number of security threats facing organisations is increasing every year. With cloud productivity delivering new ways of working, you need to know your organisation and its data is secure. We'...

Preparing for the New School Inspection Model in Scotland

15 March 2017
Scotland’s education is undergoing radical reform, particularly in the delivery of education and its assessment. August 2016 saw the official introduction of a range of new school inspection models,...

Next Steps for Planning in Scotland – Delivering Great Places

15 March 2017
This essential briefing will consider the future of planning in Scotland and examine the next steps and good practice in developing high quality, sustainable places. Context The...

Holyrood Training: GDPR and the Public Sector

16 March 2017
The EU GDPR replaces the current Data Protection Act; it is the biggest update to data protection laws in 20 years. The public sector has just 18 months to prepare for significant...

Delivering Engaging Digital Content

16 March 2017
How to put a strategy for engaging digital content into action. We are all consuming more content online. Creating engaging content which can cut through the noise is becoming more important than...
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Security threats facing Local and Regional Governments—and how to respond

16 March 2017
The number of security threats facing organisations is increasing every year. With cloud productivity delivering new ways of working, you need to know your organisation and its data is secure. We'...

STEM Scotland 2017

21 March 2017
Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education has been widely recognised as essential to ensuring Scotland’s continued success on the international stage. There is a solid...
elderly hands

Tackling Loneliness and Isolation in Later Life: Improving Health and Well-being

22 March 2017
Chronic loneliness, especially that faced by those over 65, is now being described as part of a UK-wide loneliness epidemic. In Scotland, at least 10% of older people are thought to be ...

Scottish Politics Explained 2017

22 March 2017 to 29 March 2017
Never has the political landscape moved so quickly or events been so hard to predict. But if your organisation requires collective knowledge of how government works, what politicians do, how civil...
Infection Control

Infection Prevention & Control 2017

28 March 2017
This 6th Annual conference will bring together health experts to discuss effective control measures from the people at the cutting edge of infection control. We will take a look at the...
Sexting event

Screen Time: Tackling the sexualisation of children and young people

28 March 2017
​Chaired by Tam Baillie, Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland, this event will cosider the steps required to tackle the sexualisation of children and young people. Context...
Cowering girl

Child Protection 2017

29 March 2017
Next steps for safeguarding Scotland’s vulnerable children. Event Scotland’s children’s services have undergone periods of review and assessment for a number of years. In February 2016, the...
Effective Charity Management in Scotland

Effective Charity Management in Scotland: Regulation, Governance and the Law

20 April 2017
This briefing will consider the latest developments in charity regulation and what charities must do to comply with regulatory duties. Context Last year marked the 10 year anniversary Scottish...
health and safety larger

Improving Health and Safety in the Workplace

25 April 2017
The new Scottish Plan for Action on Safety & Health provides a clear focus for the Partnership on Health & Safety in Scotland, chaired by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). A key member...