Voters back Jeremy Corbyn for prime minister over Theresa May, shock poll finds

Written by Nicholas Mairs on 9 October 2017 in News

More voters think Jeremy Corbyn is better suited to be prime minister than Theresa May

Owen Humphreys/PA Wire/PA Images

More voters think Jeremy Corbyn is better suited to be prime minister than Theresa May, according to a new poll.

The figures mark a stunning switch in fortunes, as even when Labour went ahead of the Tories in party support in earlier polls, Corbyn, as early as last month, could not overtake May as the favourite for the top job.

The BMG poll for the Independent reveals Theresa May’s popularity has fallen two points to 30 per cent compared to the previous poll in mid-September, while Jeremy Corbyn's performance has increased by four points to 32 per cent.

The study also gives Labour a four point increase to 42 per cent, while the Conservatives fell two to 37 per cent.

The research was carried out after Labour’s Brighton conference, but before the Tories', in which May suffered a disastrous conference speech followed by internal plots to oust her as prime minister.

Corbyn’s own overall net approval ratings are at 0 per cent, up from minus 10 per cent in mid-September.

Meanwhile May’s personal popularity has dropped from minus 18 per cent to minus 19 per cent.


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