Nicola Sturgeon accuses Theresa May of “playing into gender stereotypes”

Written by Sebastian Whale on 15 May 2017 in News

Responding to the Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon said: "I get on with the girl job of running the country”.


Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May - image credit: Russell Cheyne/PA Wire/PA Images

Nicola Sturgeon has accused Theresa May of “playing into gender stereotypes” following claims from the Prime Minister that there are “boy jobs and girl jobs” around the house.

Appearing on ITV’s Peston on Sunday the First Minister said she did not want to get into a “ding-dong” with the PM over the remarks but argued it is important for young women to be made aware that they can aspire to be whatever they want in life.

On ITV’s Peston on Sunday Sturgeon said her husband “does all the cooking and most of the domestic tasks”.

She added: “I get on with the girl job of running the country”.


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Appearing with her husband Philip on the BBC’s The One Show this week, Theresa May said there are “boy jobs and girl jobs” in the home after Philip May said he takes the bins out in their household.

 “I definitely do the taking the bins out, I do the traditional boy jobs by and large,” Philip May said in response.

When asked whether she recognised the distinction of tasks carried out by each sex at home, Sturgeon replied: “No, and I don’t want to get into a ding-dong with the Prime Minister here, but I think it’s really important – we’re all trying to breakdown gender stereotypes.

“I’ve spent a lot of time, and I know Theresa May will agree with this, saying to girls ‘there’s nothing off limits. You should aspire to whatever you want to do’.

“I think we’ve got to be careful we don’t then just play into these gender stereotypes. But I hope we would agree that we should encourage all young girls to think they can run the country, they can be brain surgeons, they can do absolutely anything they want. That I think is really important.”

Elsewhere Sturgeon accused May of being “frightened” to appear in a television debate with her in the run up to the election.


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