NHS workers trust SNP ahead of Labour with health service

Written by on 5 May 2015 in News

New polling shows Labour most trusted across UK, but SNP ahead in Scotland

NHS workers in Scotland trust the SNP ahead of Labour with the health service, according to new polling.

In a UK-wide poll conducted by Dods Research, 2,000 NHS workers were asked which party’s policy would benefit their work the most, with almost a third of Scottish respondents choosing the SNP, ahead of 22 per cent for Labour.

But while Labour is less trusted in Scotland, it came first across the UK, with 29 per cent backing Ed Miliband’s party, compared to 18 per cent for the Conservatives, six per cent for the Liberal Democrats and five per cent for the Greens. Thirty percent said they did not know or would prefer not to say.

Meanwhile 22 per cent of those in Scotland said the election would have a major impact on their job, against 23 per cent across the UK.

The poll also showed higher support for capping the profits made by private firms delivering NHS care among Scottish workers, with 60 per cent describing the idea as “very desirable”, against the UK average of 55 per cent.



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