'New approach' for Labour's front bench team

Written by Tom Freeman on 19 August 2015 in News

Kezia Dugdale will reveal top team in new roles

Scottish Labour’s new leader Kezia Dugdale will reveal her front bench team later this morning.

In a break from tradition, the roles will not shadow government portfolios but instead reflect on what Dugdale describes as “led by Labour values”.

Health will be covered by an ‘Equality’ spokesperson, who will also talk on welfare and social inclusion, while education will fall under the responsibility of the ‘Opportunity’ spokesperson along with workplace issues.


Kezia Dugdale urges action on child poverty

Jeremy Corbyn puts Scottish recovery top of his priorities for Labour leadership

Speaking ahead of the announcement Dugdale said: "The idea of simply shadowing government ministers is outdated. Of course we must hold the SNP Government to account for its failings on schools, our NHS and policing - and we will do that.

"But I want to shake things up and have a fresh start.”

Dugdale said the move was in response to voters telling the party they didn’t know what it stood for anymore.

“Under my leadership there will be no doubt about what we stand for and who we stand with. The job titles of my front bench team are part of that.

"I want a Scotland where power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many, not the few. I want a country where a young person's ability to get on in life is determined by their potential, work rate and ambition, not by their background,” she said.

The new team will also be gender balanced.



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