Agilisys seeks feedback from Scottish public sector on digital progress

Written by Jenni Davidson on 1 December 2016 in News

A new survey will examine the progress organisations have made to embed digital technology into their everyday working practices

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Digital transformation specialist Agilisys has launched a survey looking at the progress that public and private sector organisations across the UK have made to embed digital technology into their everyday working practices.

It is seeking feedback from sector organisations in Scotland on their experiences.

With questions focusing on digital vision, the biggest challenges being faced and how far organisations have come, the intention is to use the results to create a report that will help organisations understand how their progress measures up against their peers and provide insight and analysis on the next steps.


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The confidential survey will form the basis of a longer term project by Agilisys to gauge the state of digital in the UK over the next five years.

It builds on research that has already been undertaken to understand the future of digital public services in Scotland.

The findings from those two research projects are due to be published in the new year.

Steven Beard, Agilisys chief executive, said: "We have much to learn from the public sector who have done a remarkable job of embracing opportunities offered by digital technology, even with quite extraordinary cuts, showing a willingness to adapt and adopt new and innovative ways of working.

“Leading public sector organisations today work on the premise that they need to serve their citizens as customers, giving them access to services as and when they need them, which usually means 24/7.

“In many cases it is digital technology that has given them the ability to transform services that enhance the customer experience whilst also achieving cost savings and more effective allocation of resources.

“We know from our own experience, working with some of the UK’s most forward thinking public sector organisations, just how much the digital revolution has delivered. So we’re really excited to learn what the next digital frontier will entail.”




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