Women’s Equality Party launches Holyrood manifesto

Written by Tom Freeman on 4 April 2016 in Inside Politics

The full list of Women's Equality Party candidates on the regional lists in Glasgow and Lothians

The Women’s Equality Party has launched its manifesto and candidates for the Holyrood election in May.

The Women’s Equality Party (WE), formed last year by broadcaster Sandi Toksvig and author and journalist Catherine Mayer, will stand candidates on the Lothians and Glasgow regional lists at the Scottish parliament election.

The party said its aims was to put gender equality higher on the policy agenda in Scotland, including in education and the media. Policies include measures to increase equality in parenting and greater legal support for the victims of violence. It will campaign for the establishment of a minister for women and equalities in government.


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Retired teacher and former Women for Independence campaigner Anne Beetham tops the list in the Glasgow region, while consultant Lee Chalmers tops the list in the Lothians.

Scottish journalist and autism campaigner Sophie Walker is the party’s leader and standing to be London mayor. At the launch in Edinburgh, she said WE candidates could be agents for change in Scotland.

“From the appalling issues of violence against women, to the undervalued caregiving work done by women across Scotland, we think it’s time to stop sidelining gender equality and put it to the top of the agenda in Scotland,” she said.

WE does not have policies on other issues, and says it will work with all other parties to further gender equality.



Lee Banks Chalmers 

Jennifer Elizabeth Royston

Catriona Mary Elizabeth Macdonald

Abigail Grace Herrmann 



Anne Beetham

Susan Marion Mackay 

Ruth Victoria Wilkinson

Calum Mark Shepherd 

Penelope Haddrill

Carol Young



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