The SNP is in a dismal place right now

3 July 2017

The SNP has lost momentum and after three successive elections that evidence a trajectory of down, gone too is that spirit of reinvention

Scotland's universities embody internationalism

3 July 2017

ASSOCIATE FEATURE: Heriot Watt University principal Richard Williams hails the internationalism of Scotland's universities

Sketch: Is indyref2 off the table?

30 June 2017

Parliamentary sketch: Nicola Sturgeon's announcement on a second referendum proved Scottish politics is as weird as ever

Tackling homelessness in Scotland

27 June 2017

Head of Communications and Policy at Shelter Scotland Adam Lang on why Scotland needs a national homelessness strategy

The SNP's strategy on indyref2 has been a mistake

25 June 2017

Kenny MacAskill: This was an election for SNP MPs to Westminster yet the indyref strategy allowed it to be portrayed as a referendum on Nicola Sturgeon

Fergus Ewing on the future of Scotland's rural economy

25 June 2017

The Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy on how vibrant rural communities benefit all of Scotland

Theresa May, Harold Macmillan and DIY

19 June 2017

A blow to the head during an attempt at DIY teaches Liam Kirkaldy a lesson about politics

The snap election showed Nicola Sturgeon was outmanoeuvred and out of touch with parts of Scotland

19 June 2017

Ruth Davidson outmanoeuvred Nicola Sturgeon and capitalised on what was easily portrayed as an obsession with independence

General election sketch: How to throw away a majority

16 June 2017

On the downside, the Tories could get pushed around by the DUP on social issues, and potentially jeopardise the Good Friday Agreement. On the plus side, Downing Street might well get a new renewable heating system