Diary – Issue 286

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Honest guv’
Given his boss has been recently accused of being a bare-faced liar by the opposition (no surprise there, then), the head of SNP press and research, Ross Ingebrigsten, was told by a journalist in the media tower that he “had a very honest face”. Ingebrigsten has been quoted as saying he must be doing something wrong!

Watching the detectives
Top detective writer, Ian Rankin, is well known for his forensic approach to his plots but here at Whollyrude Towers, we were well chuffed to note that even Rebus’s creator might need a little help navigating around the Edinburgh political scene and so has his Holyrood magazine Scottish Political Guide to hand. Look out for his next murder mystery starring Axe man Alex…

Busted politician
The recent revelations in this august organ about the Bunny Girl past of former SNP MSP and now Independent MSP, Jean Urquhart, caused an outpouring of serious political analysis at home and abroad but even we at Whollyrude were surprised that Fox News carried the story along with a poll measuring the success of past Bunny Girls, which puts Ms Urquhart behind Marilyn Monroe and not bigger than Pamela Anderson…but then who is?

Come on, baby, light my fire
They’re a hard-working bunch those SNP researchers but while the boss was singing his heart out in the chamber during the debate on drink driving, they were almost setting the fire alarms off after lighting candles on a birthday cake in the ministerial tower…many happy returns.

Getting the needle
From topical questions on 6 Nov…

Margo MacDonald (Lothian) (Ind): This is when the tone of the debate probably gets lower. Is the minister aware of the chat in any surgery that he cares to go into, where people will be saying to each other, “Are you in for your jag?” “No—I got the flu because I got the jag.” There is a commonly held belief that people have to endure a bout of flu if they get the jag.

Michael Matheson: I am conscious that sometimes such rumours develop. I am informed that the vaccine is not a live vaccine and should therefore not result in a person’s developing the flu. If I can use myself as a human guinea pig, I say that I had the flu vaccine last week and do not have the flu this week.

The Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning (Michael Russell): You look well.

Margo MacDonald: You’re no’ a guinea pig.

The Presiding Officer (Tricia Marwick): I am saying nothing, minister.

Come again
UK Energy Minister John Hayes has a reputation as an elaborate speaker – described by Speaker John Bercow after his performance at the Westminster dispatch box as having “the eloquence of Demosthenes” – and by opposition MPs as performing “linguistic acrobatics.” One of the Holyrood team was on the receiving end of one of his verbal jousts where he offered this particular nugget: “Many people mistakenly view that complexity is the antithesis of precision. It’s quite straightforward – with clarity you can be precise even in complex circumstances.”

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Usual interesting post-bag – today’s favourite; the personally addressed letter, lobbying for support, which begins ‘Dear Sir or Madam’

I thought I’d seen most things, then I saw North East SNP legend Allan Angus (79) doing Gangnam style…

euan mccolm@euanmccolm
i’m currently in the shed singing “mitt romney” to the tune of abba’s voulez vous. sounds pretty good.

I am, incidentally, wearing jeans in committee today because my suit is, for reasons beyond my control, in Strasbourg#notdressdownmonday

Just heard from an Edinburgh lawyer friend of mine, ‘Where does one procure the appropriate materials for placard making?’

Six pheasants in the garden this morning. Three deer yesterday. What will tomorrow bring? #fb

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