Diary – Issue 277

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Food for thought
As the SNP knows to its cost already, there are dangers in numbers and it wouldn’t be the first time that the FM has managed to walk past one of his own without instantly recognising them (and some he does) but Whollyrude was tickled to hear that even some well kent faces get ‘lost’ in the SNP MSP crowd such as at the weekly parliamentary group dinner two weeks’ ago, when the FM asked whether Marco Biagi was there. ‘Yes,’ said Stewart Stevenson, pointing at Jim Eadie…easy mistake

At your convenience
We know they are a clever lot at the European Parliament but even SNP MEP Alyn Smith must have been left having to cross his legs and anything else trying to follow this sign, apparently pointing the way to the Parly loos…

Arise Princess Fiona
As if Fiona Hyslop’s role wasn’t demanding enough watching ballet, going to lovely dinners all around the world and such like but now it seems she has been promoted to do this not just for Scotland but for the whole of the UK…now what would her SNP colleagues think of that?

A lot of hot air

Wind farms have been blamed for everything under the sun including the potential ruination of Scotland’s tourism industry according to the Trump, killing birds in the rotor blades and causing deafness but Whollyrude’s attention was drawn to this scholarly research carried out in California a few years back that said the noise from the turbines made squirrels a bit edgy and run for cover.

That’s just nuts!

There’s always one… 
It was good to see that the class clown lives on in the digital age during a visit by Education Secretary Mike Russell to Sciennes Primary, where a pilot programme giving iPads to students is being run. One student, unmoved by ministerial scrutiny, played a football app for a while, before opening another called ‘Fit or Fugly’ – at which point an authority figure swooped in.

Mum’s the word
This exchange was overheard between the previous and current leader of the Conservatives at Holyrood:

Annabel Goldie: “Hands out of pockets!”
Ruth Davidson: “I think it makes me look jaunty.”
Annabel Goldie: “Hands out of pockets!”
Ruth Davidson: “She’s like my mum.”

Hothouse MPs
As the warmer weather approaches, Annabelle Ewing has another reason to be glad she is now in the Scottish Parliament and not that place down the road. She remembers her office when she was an MP was just above the Commons chamber in the Houses of Parliament, which was handy for getting to and from debates, but not so fun for sitting in and doing work. She says: “It had a skylight, but it didn’t open, so in the summer it was like being a tomato, you just sat there and you felt yourself growing green shoots. So I would just take my work and go and sit on the terrace.”

Easy route to Westminster
The Chief Executive of easyJet, speaking at a parliament reception hosted by SNP MSP Maureen Watt, unwittingly solved our constitutional question by simply saying that the increased number of flights her company offered from Scotland to London made it much easier for our politicians to go to Westminster.Caused a few chuckles among the more unionist inclined members among the gathered throng….

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Take 4-yr-old to shops to let him choose whatever he wants for tea. Pizza? Chicken nuggets? Burger? No. He goes for the seabass. Thats my boy

Aamer Anwar just text me ‘That’s far too much gel in your hair young man’ #constructivecriticism

Ok singing along with daughter to subtitles of Finnish entry sung in Swedish in semi-final of Eurovision! Hilarious #mumndaughterbonding

There is a mouse in my office in Holyrood!! Cheeky thing.

Ate in most northern village in the Arctic tnite. Waitress had rifle to stop polar bears, all except me ate reindeer.

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