China to be “admired” for addressing population issue

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The Chinese government is to be admired for openly addressing the issue of its population size, according to a member of a Scottish group established to raise awareness of the impact of population growth on the environment.

Penny McKee, wife of SNP MSP Ian McKee and a member of Population Matters Scotland, a Scottish sub-group of the environmental charity and thinktank Optimum Population Trust, told Holyrood that China has addressed the issue of population in a “laudable fashion”.

“If ever there was a country affected by a rising population, it is China. And China is one of the few countries in the world that has actually openly, I think, in a very laudable fashion, addressed the issue of population.” The Chinese government’s onechild family planning policy was “coercive”, she clarified.

“It was from the top down, shall we say. But I admire them for addressing the issue. It was pretty drastic measures but it is better than famine to limit the number of babies that people have.” The group held an event in the Parliament late last year, which was organised by McKee and hosted by her husband, in a bid to foster a more open debate about environmentally sustainable populations.

However, people who take an interest in such issues are marginalised as “frightening freaks and outliers in society”, she said.

“…It is quite obvious that a lot of people feel very, very threatened, when in fact the idea is to try and ensure a safer, more assured future for human beings and the rest of the planet that coexists with us. That is what we are about.” With more clever management of populations a lot of human suffering could be avoided, she said. Adding that by shying away from such issues, politicians are “conniving with the denialism.”

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