Bob Crow: I would vote for independence

by Nov 12, 2010 1 Comment

General Secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) Union has said that he finds the SNP “progressive” and that he would vote for independence if he lived in Scotland.

In an exclusive interview with Holyrood, Crow said: “I have dealt with some of the SNP and they have been pretty good, progressive on some issues and on others pathetic, the way Sweeney [sic] extended the franchise for Scotrail without telling anyone was an absolute disgrace but I have to say, if I was living in Scotland I would vote for independence.

He added: “I think what Scotland went through under Thatcher it should never have to go through again with this lot and if it was independent, it could be a beacon to the rest of Britain to show that there can be a much more equitable distribution of wealth then there is at present. If you could get hold of the Brent oil fields and the gasses and minerals that surround Scotland then people could be a lot better off than they are now.” Crow said that Scotland was one of his favorite places and that he was “absolutely in love” with the Western Isles.

Crow also spoke of the fact that his union was not affiliated to any political party, and added that the trade union movement as a whole felt disenfranchised by the Labour Party.

He said: “The reality is that we in the trade unions have no political cover to run to anymore.

“I would say the leader of the opposition has a great opportunity to be seen to be breaking from the Blairites and New Labour and being on the side of the workers, pensioners and those that are oppressed in society. What’s he done, really? They say the polls have narrowed but I don’t think it’s because of anything he has done, it’s more to do with people seeing through the cuts.” He also spoke of his feeling that Diane Abbot was “stitched up” during the Labour leadership race.

“No disrespect to Diane Abbot but I personally think there were people in the Labour Party that wanted Diane on that list to stop John McDonnell running and being on the ballot paper because I personally think he would have taken quite a lot of the vote and secondly, because they could go to bed at night saying, we are the only party with a woman on the paper and a black woman on the paper and then when it came to the vote, she was stitched up.”

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  1. Will Podmore

    Bob, the SNP is just another capitalist party. The SNP’s Minister for Culture, External Affairs and the Constitution, Michael Russell, proposed halving public spending and ending universal provision of public services.

    The SNP has for decades embraced a ‘Scotland plc’ agenda based on the financial sector. It has embraced the EU’s single market, lower corporation tax and lower wealth taxes.The SNP is silent on excessive salaries and bonuses, on corporate banking’s promotion of debt, on finance capital’s role in landing us all in the crisis. It backs giving the EU powers over economic policy, defence and foreign policy. It praised the Irish ‘Celtic Tiger’, whose poverty and inequality rates were among the worst in the developed world.
    Unity is strength. We need the united strength of the whole British working class to defeat the City and rebuild industry.

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